Pizza Industry Spokesman

How Pizza can Build a Roman Body

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a physique worthy of winning a Body Building Competition.  Over the years, I have continuously tested the versatility of the pizza diet.  The most frequent question I am asked is, what’s next for the pizza diet guy? In 2013, I have decided to enter a natural body building competition and will use the pizza diet concept to build my body for competition.

From a Macronutrient standpoint pizza is almost a perfect body builder food.  A typical slice of pizza is about 57% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats, and 23% Protein. In order to build a body worthy of a natural body building competition I will need to increase my percentage of protein intake to nearly 40% while keeping my fats at 20%.  A major concern for body builders who consume large amounts of whey protein is the development of kidney stones or even kidney failure.  As documented, the pizza diet gets a majority of its whey protein from animal sources such as cheese and meats.

Therefore, I have decided to supplement with Plant Fusion ™, a plant based protein rather than eating more pizza. Plant Fusion will provide an additional 21g of protein per serving while keeping my uric acid levels low.  In addition to additional protein it will also offer essential Amino Acids and digestive enzymes that will be beneficial to building lean muscle.

This will be a daily progression and you can follow me here for daily weigh ins, exercise programs, meal plans, and weekly photo updates.  See you in the WINNERS CIRCLE!